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Name: Xenia Kessler

Age: 22 (23-06-89)

Sail number: D-211

Favourite equip: 4.5 Firefly, 100% Reptile Python mast. But I also like to be on the small sails, full power freestyle and always my 89litres JP freestyleboard. And a 16 cm ChocoFin.

Favourite discipline: Freeeestyyyleee. I like to work on technical tricks, and I like that there is always something new to learn. Learning a new move after hours of practising really gives me a kick! I like it so much!

Favourite move: I like to mix the moves, and try different stuff, but to do a clew first spock 540 feels great :) Funnell, Flaka variations, something new...

Favourite spot national and international:So far my favourite spot is Sorobon. It's a perfect place for freestyle, and I love the spirit there. There is always someone to go surf with, people are pushing the limits of freestyle and the wind blows for a good powered 4.8 most of the time. In Denmark I enjoy my home spot Skaering, or Alroe, a lot. There is a really good atmosphere on the water and on land, and as it is close to my home I can go straight after work and practise for hours. I've had so many good sessions here! For waves we have Hanstholm, which can be really really good for waveriding, which I am still practising. But anywhere with wind and water can pretty much put a smile on my face :)

Best day windsurfing: Luckily I cannot pick just one :) - There has been a lot! But a really good could be like... I wake up early early because I can hear the wind blow outside. I wake Julie up, and then we go for a biiig power breakfast together with some friends. We turn up the music, and go to the spot, where I see white caps and a bit of sunshine and shaking trees and flags. On the water there is a good atmosphere, people trying a lot of moves! I land a new trick I have been training a lot.... and we keep sailing for hours and hours ....that's a really good day!!

When it is not windy: I like to keep myself busy with something else. I like challenges, and sport a lot, like snowboarding, soccer, skateboarding. I'm also into creative stuff, and off course I like to spend time with my family and friends too. They mean a lot to me.

And...Go for it, have fun, and keep on trying untill you get where you wanna be. if you can dream it, you can do it :)



3rd PWA World Cup Aruba Freestyle Women 2011
4th Overall PWA World Championships Freestyle Women 2011
4th PWA World Cup Fuerteventura Freestyle Women 2011
5th PWA World Cup Bonaire Freestyle Women 2011
1st Danish Freestyle Championships Women 2011
5th Danish Freestyle Championships Mens A-class 2011
2nd Danish Wave Championships Women 2011

PWA Rookie of the year 2010

PWA Rookie of the year 2010 (Awarded by the PWA)                             #1st The Curacao Windsurf Challenge (Womens Freestyle)
#5th PWA World Championships 2010 Womens Freestyle                    #4th DBO Mens A-class Freestyle Championships (Mens Freestyle)

#1st Danish Freestyle Championships (Mens B-class)
#1st Overall DBO Freestyle winner 2009 (Mens B-class)
#10th PWA World Cup Lanzarothe Freestyle Women 09
#1st DBO Freestyle oct-09 (Men b-class)

#1st Danish Freestyle Championships (Women)
#1st overall DBO wave/freestyle ranking (women)
#3rd DBO wave DM Klitm�ller (Women)
#1st King of the Fjord (Princess of the fjord) [freestyle st�vne]
#1st Viking of the Fjord (Women) [freestyle st�vne]
#1st DBO wave/freestyle rangliste Klitm�ller Juni 08 (Women)

#1st King of the Fjord (Princess of the fjord) [freestyle st�vne]
#3rd DBO wave rangliste st�vne i Hvide Sande (Women)
#4th DM07 wave women class DBO
#4th overall ranking women wave DBO


Xenia Kessler

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Xenia Kessler